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In the early 1970s, two entrepreneurs founded companies that would come to define their respective categories. Fred Smith changed the world with FedEx and the overnight delivery of packages, while Paul Orfalea brought us Kinkoโ€™s, the name that would come to signify the print and copy business. Later on, FedEx drop boxes would come to have a presence at Kinkoโ€™s. And in 2004, the two powerhouse brands formed FedEx Kinkoโ€™s, which became FedEx Office in 2008, changing the game for customers, especially small businesses looking for a full-service resource that could serve as an extension of their own offices.

FedEx Office offers full-color, professional printing for a wide range of products, from brochures and business cards to presentations and postcards to signs and banners. We also offer full-service packing and, of course, reliable shipping.

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