DealFly Launches New Supper Club Series – Chicago

DealFly Launches New Supper Club Series – Chicago

Chicago, IL, March 27, 2015– Food & Drink – DealFly, brings you into the underground scene of lavish private supper clubs as we explore our new series on Chicago food culture.

On March 15th 2015, a select group of Chicagoans opened up their emails to find an intriguing surprise. The subject line read, “Usted está cordialmente invitado a una noche de buena comida y buena compañía.” (We had to look it up… “You’re cordially invited to a night of good food and good company.”)

Inside the email outlined the details to a private “Fiesta” themed dinner party catered by acclaimed resident chef Michael Morales from the popular New Asian Sushi Restaurant, Sunda ( and the evenings guest chef Stephen Lee. The setting for said secrete dinning experience, a swanky 4 story mansion located in the heart of Chicago’s Gold Cost.

Instructions for the gathering were simple. Show up and have a good time. No hoops to jump through. No price for admission. Just be present and bring your smile. This we had to see for ourselves.

Private Supper Club Featuring Chef Michael Morales (

As we arrived at the beautiful private residence we were greeted with open arms to the tune of traditional Latin American music only to be heard faintly as the magnificent front door opened and closed to allow new guests to enter. Once inside, aromas of freshly cut fruits and vegetables and simmering spices filled the air as we walked past the elaborate décor of sombreros and piñatas. Appetizers of bacon wrapped shrimp and home made guacamole (amongst others) lined common areas where a diverse group of young urban professionals mingled over a glass or 3 of bottomless wine and margaritas. Diner was served on elegant fine china and the food was nothing short of spectacular as dish after dish of rustic Hispanic styled cuisine was presented in family style tradition to a plethora of open seating. The highlight of the night was an amazing surprise to all. Hosts of the evening’s dinner party had arranged an incredible 11 piece mariachi band to entertain guests after dinner as the party’s mood switched into high gear!

In a city known for it’s seen-and-be-seen foodie culture, it’s inspiring to see a new breed of underground fine dinning emerge. These clubs put aside the traditional pomp steak dinners for a more favoring and unorthodox approach to a great culinary experience. Demand is high for these exclusive events but if you’re lucky enough to have the privilege of attending one of these events we definitely recommend partaking in the festivities. Stay tuned over the next few months as we follow this group innovative foodies in their revolution of the traditional supper club.

If you would like more information, you can ask to join Supper Club Studio 52’s Facebook group here to be notified when the next dinner will take place. We can’t make any promises though!

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